EVAP Features

Local video show/hide
Your local video can be moved around the screen (on iOS and Android) and made visible or not by touching an icon while in a video call.

Audio / video mute
Audio and video mute is performed by a single icon touch while in a video call. The remote users sees an indication that you have muted and sees your profile image while your video is muted.

Alternate front and rear cameras during video session
In mobile applications (iOS and Android) you can switch between front and rear cameras with a single icon touch while in a video session. For select browser configurations this is also supported (the video toggle icon is displayed).

Speaker phone
You can enable output to your mobile device speaker (the default when answering a video call) or turn off the speaker output.

Audio only calls
EVAP supports an audio only option, simply click on the audio speaker instead of the user's image to launch a session and it will be audio only. The other user will see your profile image.

Screen sharing
On certain device configurations (e.g., Android to Android), a screen sharing icon is present that allows you to share your screen with a remote user.

Multitasking support (e.g., launch browser during video session)
You can be in a EVAP video session (on iOS or Android mobile app), launch an application (e.g., maps, browser) or answer a phone call while maintaining your video session.

Push notifications (iOS, Android, Browser)
EVAP utilizes push notifications to inform your device of an incoming video session.

iOS SiriKit, CallKit, PushKit
EVAP integrates with the latest mobile device features allowing you to, for example, initiate a video call by name.

Auto-Answer (configurable)
Certain browser configurations have an option to enable an 'auto-answer' feature which will have the browser automatically accept an incoming video call.

Call history and missed call logs
EVAP provides a detailed call history with time and caller. This history is kept on your local device, not on our servers and can be cleared by you at any time.

Session reject messaging (e.g., "will call back soon")
Unavailable to answer an incoming video call? Respond with a preset message or create your own.

Video voice mail
The called party did not answer your video call. Leave them a video message on our servers. This is currently in beta and enabled only for participating subscribers.

Multiple online presence (ring through to multiple devices)
You want to be online on your phone, your tablet and your laptop. With our multiple online presence feature, your incoming video calls are presented on all devices simultaneously. This is currently in beta and enabled for participating subscribers.