EVAP - Easy Video Access with Privacy

Completely anonymous video communications

unlike Skype, WhatsApp or Facetime!

What is EVAP?

EVAP is a highly secure and anonymous video communications service that promotes safe video connections. EVAP subscribers request "digital tokens" (eTokens) that can be shared to allow real-time video communications while remaining anonymous – until you choose otherwise.

Why use EVAP?

  • You want to video chat without giving out your contact info or exchanging any other personal information.
  • You want to be able to video chat "on demand" – no need for the other party to create an account.
  • You want flexiblity – use an iPhone, Android phone, tablet, or computer browser.

How does it work?

You, the EVAP subscriber, request a "digital token" (the eToken) that you distribute (e.g., via dating app). The 'eToken' is an anonymous login code that is created for you to share with people to allow them to video chat with you. A token user uses the eTokens to connect with you rather than your personal phone number or email address. Likewise, they do not need to provide their phone number or email to you.

Like the humble telephone, the eToken allows either party to make video calls when they want – you don't need to coordinate to be online at the same time.

Concerned about who's behind the online dating profile?

Wasting time talking to a ChatBot? Don't want to trek across town for another ho-hum coffee date? Is a profile too good to be true?

Use EVAP's secure and anonymous video chat to see who is behind the profile before you engage.

Looking for a roommate or vacation rental?

You have listed an apartment for rent or are looking for a roommate and you want to be able to do a video walk-through without exchanging your contact info. With a single touch, you generate a digital token, publish the token and potential tenants or roommates can video chat with you by using the token, rather than your phone number or other personal contact information.

EVAP protects your privacy

Of course we use the latest end-to-end encryption but more than that we care about your data

  • EVAP does not access your contact list or address book.
  • EVAP does not collect or store your private data (such as IP address, call history, call content).
  • EVAP does not sell or provide any data to advertisers or any other third party.

EVAP Features

In addition to keeping our subscribers safe and in control of their video relationships, EVAP supports a broad set of features including: front/rear camera, missed call notifications, speaker, audio/video mute, response messages, push notifications.

Features Overview